Vote Sarah Vance

Sarah Vance for Alaska State House Representative District 31

Sarah Vance for State House

Sarah wants to bring back the character of "small town" Alaska; a place that is safe, vibrant and bursting with opportunity!

Alaska has a bright future!

District 31 deserves a representative who will work to preserve your life, liberty and property! Sarah will fight for the people of district 31, and all Alaskans!



Sarah believes in the values of our founding fathers and our Constitional Republic; that government can and should be legally limited in its powers, and that its authority and legitimacy depends on observing these limitations.

As your Republican candidate; Vance supports the values and platforms of the Alaska Republican Party.  She will vote according to the needs of our district and help foster a brighter future for all Alaska!

When you vote VANCE, you elect a leader who will listen to your concerns and impliment your ideas. Vance will fight to restore the PFD, expand job opportunities, and advocate for familes, seniors and Veterans!


Sarah shares your concerns about Alaska

She will work to:

  • Restore the full PFD
  • Repeal SB91 the soft-on-crime bill
  • Reject any State Income Tax
  • Expand Job Opportunities
  • Advocate for Seniors & Veterans


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