Vote Sarah Vance

Campaign Issues

  • Repeal SB91
  • Restore the Full, Historical PFD
  • Reject State Income Tax
  • Expand Job Opportunities
  • Advocate for Seniors & Veterans

Repeal SB91 

Sarah's first priority is to secure the safety of our citizens; it is time to prove that crime does not pay in Alaska.  We need to repeal SB91, the soft on crime bill that was enacted in 2016, and replace with legislation that holds criminals accountable for their actions against society. 

Sarah has attended numerous Community Crime Watch meetings, participated in a Trooper Ride-Along, and is working with leaders across the state to seek solutions to Alaska's crime problems. Vance understands the importance of self-defence and personal property rights and is an advocate for protecting our Second Amendment. She has received an A grading from NRA-PVF!




Restore the PFD

The Permanent Fund Dividend belongs to The People of Alaska and should remain permanent for generations to come! Former Govenor Jay Hammond clearly spells out in his book, Diapering the Devil, the purpose of the PFD was to create a renewable resource out of a non-renewable one, in order to protect against the wasteful spending of legislature. 

Diapering the Devil:

Sarah's Democrat opponent has proposed a POMV structure with 67% to government, and 33% to the people for years! In 2018 he again proposed this model in committee, and FAILED.  After the AK HOUSE passed a $2700 PFD, within days, Paul Seaton moved to rescind the vote, and proposed a $1600 PFD that was later approved by the governor. 

Read it for yourself:

More than $65 million has been stolen from the economy of District 31 by taking our PFD these past several years! It is time to VOTE VANCE!

Vance will fight to protect your PFD from career politicians who believe they know how to spend your money better than you, and restore your PFD to the full historical formula.

Reject a State Income Tax

The State of Alaska spends nearly 1 BILLION each month with fewer than 740,000 people! Voting for an income tax would be voting for an expanding government. Alaska has a spending problem and it is time to tighten the belt. Sarah will vote NO to any state income tax. 

Alaska Budget History Graph:

How much is enough?

Expand Job Opportunities

Getting more Alaskans trained and working will stimulate the economy and build a prosperous future! Alaskans are the most creative, innovative, hard working, entreprenurial people in the world! With fewer regulations and more training in the working trades; Alaskans can spur an economy with hope for a bright future!

Advocate for Seniors & Veterans

Sarah supports military & Veterans!

Our seniors and Veterans deserve the utmost honor and respect for the sacrifices they have made for our life, liberty and property! Sarah will advocate to uphold the Senior Property Tax exemption and better services for the aging. 


Sarah shares your foundational beliefs in the strength of our Republic! When she casts her vote in legislature; rest assured it will be in accourdance with our constitution!

A vote for VANCE is a vote for:

  • Liberty vs. Social Justice
  • Individual Rights vs. Collective Rights
  • Capitalism vs. Socialism
  • Rule of Law vs. Mob Rule
  • Protecting Life vs. Terminating Life
Sarah wants to know what issues are important to YOU? 

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