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Endorsed by Alaska Outdoor Council

Alaska Outdoor Council

focused on your future!

Abandoned Vehicle Removal

Cleaning up abandoned vehicles on the Kenai Peninsula has been one of my top priorities for a safer and cleaner district.

Through my efforts, dozens of cars have been removed from roadways and 88 abandoned vehicles are being removed from the Homer Airport Long-term Parking lot! I am also drafting stronger laws to help enforcement to keep our roads clean and safe!

PFD Defender

Alaska's resources are our heritage and the Permanent Fund Dividend is our birthright!

I believe in following the law and was cosponsor to HB1002 to appropriate money from the Earnings Reserve Account to pay every eligible Alaskan a full statutorily required dividend. The traditional formula is not broken and should be preserved for generations to come!

Maintaining a Healthy Fishery

A healthy and robust fishery will help every Alaskan put fish in their freezer and bread on the table. 

The lower Kenai Peninsula supports fisherman across all user groups and boasts #3 in the state for CFEC permit holders and sport fish licenses! As a member of House Fisheries Committee, I have voted to maintain a healthy and sustainable fishery for all!

Constitutional Spending Cap

A strong constitutional spending cap will limit government spending for long-term sustainability.

Our children deserve to inherit a strong economy and stable government. The majority of Alaskans agree that a strong constitutional spending cap would help get our budget in order to help secure a bright future.

Supporting our Seniors

Our Seniors are foundational to our future and deserve respect.

I have been an advocate for maintaining the Senior Property Tax exemption, the Senior Benefits program and maintaining the voice of our elders.

Protecting Constitutional Rights

The US and Alaska constitutions are the framework to secure the rights of the people.

Never before in our nation have we needed to secure the rights of the people as much as we do today! I believe in the values of our Founding Fathers and that government should be limited. From 2nd Amendment to Due Process; I will uphold my oath of office to defend the constitution.

Election Integrity

Election integrity is foundational to maintaining our Constitutional Republic.

Your vote is valued and should be handled with security. I stand firm in election integrity and will work to ensure fraud-ridden policies like all vote-by-mail don't make their way in to Alaskan policy. 

Ending Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the human rights issue of our generation. 

Each year, our children are silently stolen, coerced, bribed or threatened into a life of slavery. Alaska ranks top in the nation for the most heinous human trafficking crimes and missing and murdered indigenous women. I am working with Alaska AWARE to bring education and awareness to our communities. It is time to end the silence by strengthening our laws to bring justice to our most vulnerable.


Sarah Vance has displayed the qualities I am looking for in a representative in our district. She has striven to fulfill all that she promised to do in her campaign. She is fighting against tremedous odds for our full PFD. 

Debbie McDermott Seymour

I will vote for Sarah Vance because she is the people's representative. She has a proven track record; values our opinion and fights for us.

Nikki K.

I am voting for Rep. Vance because she has proven she wont be bullied into compromising Alaska's future for political gain. Sarah did what she said what she would do and has proven to be transparent and fiscally responsible.

Natasha S.


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